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The way brands will find and connect with influencers is going to change forever

Social Podium is an intelligent, lightning-fast search engine for brands to search for influencers

The challenge for brands is how to find influencers.
The challenge for influencers is how to get found by brands.

For brands, finding the influencers to work with is a challenge. Brands are desperate to find the right influencers.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are not designed to search for specific people based on their engagement, reach, location or age. This is a problem for brands, as they want to work with influencers who have a key target audience — whether it’s built around a specific interest, gender, age or location.

Social Media platforms earn their revenue from paid advertising.
Influencers earn from recommending products or services.
Brands earn from selling their products or services.

Social Media platforms were developed to connect the world together and to share knowledge and creativity on a global level. Whether it’s humour, fashion trends across the globe or cats doing tricks, the world has become obessed with social media. This is only going to get bigger.

The rise of social media gave birth to the online influencer. Nobody expected or planned this — a professional industry of online influencers was thus born and is worth billions. And it keeps on growing.

Influencers started recommending things they are into: fashion, tech, food, travel, recipes, health. What was an accidental marketing channel became a big industry. Audiences started paying attention to the people they followed and would try out products or services they would have never had before.

Brands suddenly saw spikes in their sales by 1000%+ and had no idea where or how this was happening. Once they started analysing traffic to their websites, they realised this new breed of customer was coming: from social media by influencer recommendations.

The modern Influencer was born and brands loved it.

Got questions?

  • How do I sign up as an influencer?

    To sign up as an influencer, you will need a VIP invitation code. We’re working as hard as possible to make more room for newer influencer partners.

    Alternatively, ask someone with a MyPodium page for an invitation — they will have a personal website.

  • How do I sign up as a brand?

    Currently brands can only sign up when interacting with an influencer through the MyPodium Chat. In other words, once you find an influencer’s MyPodium page (, click the “Chat With Me” button. The signup process will start there.

    Stay tuned! We’ve got more powerful tools for brands - an influencer search engine to begin with. We’re a very ambitious and visionary team, so we can’t tell you more than that, but we’ve got way more lined up for brands.

  • When will Social Podium Launch?

    The short answer is: as soon as possible. We’re working hard to make sure we release a product that people will love — and by people we mean both sides: influencers and brands.

    Currently we’re aiming at Q1 2020, and we will get there with your help. Reach out to us using the form you’ll find by scrolling down if you’ve got any idea. Alternatively, let people know about Social Podium.

  • Do I need a MyPodium page as an Influencer?

    While you don’t need to groom your MyPodium page, every influencer who signs up with us receives a free professional website.

    However, it is in your best interest to populate the page with information about you, as it’s been built to cover questions that brands have before collaborating with you — they also give brands more reasons to collaborate with you.

    Why miss out on this opportunity?

  • Does MyPodium Cost?

    Absolutely not. And it never will. MyPodium will always be free.

    Why are we making it free? We’ve got a bigger plan in place: Social Podium — which we’ve explained in the upper side of this page.

    We’re reinventing the way advertising works, and we’ll be making brands reach out to you.

  • I am new to influencing. Is this right for me?

    No level of experience is needed as long as you’ve got 2500+ Instagram followers. Your MyPodium page has been created so that it addresses questions that brands might have before reaching out to you.

    Not only that, it’s also built so that it gives brands more reasons to work with you. They want to get to know you before clicking “Chat” — therefore MyPodium becomes your advantage over other influencers.

    We do suggest you read our articles in the Social Podium Academy to make sure you’ve got the basics. Don’t worry, we’re making it as uncomplicated as possible.

  • I’m from the press. Can we speak?

    We’re social people (in case you haven’t noticed yet) and we’re happy to have conversations with people from the press. The best email address to reach us out is [email protected] — we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

  • How can I contact you?

    Simply scroll down and fill in the fields below — the message will be instantly delivered to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • I’m a VC interested in this. Can we speak?

    We’re not looking for investment at the moment but we understand relationships are built in time. If you’re a VC and our visions align and there are ideas you’d like to share, mail us by clicking here.

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