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86% of brands we interviewed said they were more likely to engage with influencers that they knew more about before contacting them

What can brands learn about you from your IG Page?

Brands are working hard day and night to find Influencers to work with. The process of engaging via DM and waiting for responses is frustrating and time consuming for brands. What they want to know about you is everything — and they want to know now. At the same time, your profile is made for your audience. How are you showing brands what they want to know about you?

What’s the BIG problem all Influencers face?

One link limit

Limited to one link in your bio, once you talk to a brand and set a ‘collaboration bio link’, you’re automatically saying no to every other brand. With MyPodium you can add as many links as you like.

Your best posts get buried

That best post of yours with the highest # of likes gets buried by the rest of your posts. These should be showcased! With MyPodium you can show all your best-performing posts.

Other achievements

All your key stats should be accessible and visible at all times. After all, you don't want to be repeating the same thing over and over again when brands reach out. Your MyPodium page will showcase your stats so brands get a snapshot immediately.

Looking professional

Brands don't have time. Sometimes it's easier to find influencers who have profiled themselves more. Don't let them skip past your profile. MyPodium presents you professionally. Brands like to work with professionals.

Enter My Podium.

Your own personal bio page with everything a brand wants to know about you.
Build your page your way and grow it as you grow.

Add all your social
links in line place
In built realtime
messenger chat app
Showcase your links from
all platforms
Drag & Drop to organise
your page how you want
Add promotions for as
many brands as you want
No need to worry about burying
your most-liked or most-viewed
posts! Put the spotlight on them!

Enter My Podium.

Your own personal bio page with everything a brand wants to know about you.
Build your page your way and grow it as you grow.

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Got 2500+ followers? Connect your IG and start building your free My Podium influencer website that will make you stand out.

It takes a few seconds to connect your Instagram account. In a couple of clicks, your influencer career is kickstarted.

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Pick the MyPodium template that fits your needs and personality. Your website grows as you grow, so all your professional needs are taken care of.

We’ve crafted all the MyPodium templates in conversations with brands. Everything you might need to put yourself in the best light in front of a possible partner has been taken care of.

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Let the world know! Place your own website in your bio, share it with your friends or simply send it to anyone you’d want to collaborate with.

It now takes seconds to let someone know about everything that you do. Did we mention how you’re visible on all search engines as well now?

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Along with your free website, you’ll have a dedicated inbox for business conversations. Messages from your audience go in your DMs. Brand partnerships go in your MyPodium chat.

Only brands that have verified themselves can message you. Why risk missing out on a message from the partnership that might change your life?

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There’s a bigger plan in place: The way brands will find and connect with influencers is going to change forever.

We’ll make brands reach out to you with deals and offers. Want to know how?

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Who is it for?

For every influencer in every industry. See how My Podium can change the way you profile yourself.

Fashion and lifestyle Influencers

One bio link means one affiliate partnership with a brand. With your own website, you can link as many as you want!

Health and beauty Influencers

What if you’d receive more products… which will allow you to create more valuable content? A personal website is all you need.

Foodie Influencers

Want to get invited to many more restaurants and dessert parlours? Your website will give brands the confidence they need.

Fitness and sports Influencers

Keto? Calisthenics? Which type of sports influencer are you? Let brands find you based on your specific fitness interest.

Artists and creative Influencers

Are your pieces of art exhibited on different platforms? Show everyone all your social accounts so they can see your talent.

Travel Influencers

Want to be offered free vacations? Allow hotels/travel agencies to see how your best posts look like: link your most-liked or most-viewed videos, so they can see what they’ll get out of it.

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